Services and Expertise

¡New Services!

Zaga Custom follows the customer’s needs, we want to provide you with a service of the highest possible quality and safety. We offer you to generate 2D and 3D drawings, video simulations, stress tests, among others.

Note: All engineering owned by Zaga Custom is open negotiation.

Contract Sewing

Zaga Custom is your sewing manufacturing expert. With over 35 years of experience in custom and commercial sewing across many industries. Zaga Custom has become a complete non-apparel contractor and manufacturing facility for sewn products. We hold a fully diversified sewing department. We have the ability in high production sewing manufacturing of different products. We specialize in custom and commercial sewing of webbing, tapes, canvas, cordura, ballistic nylons, nylon, leather and other industrial textiles.

Our sewing department has the capability to manufacture a variety of different products, depending on our customer requests. We cater to customers with small, as well as large production runs. We have over 80 industrial sewing machines, and have all the equipment to handle your manufacturing needs. We proudly manufacture everything in the U.S.A.

Complete Cutting Facility

A full service cutting department that has the ability to cut all types of materials: webbing, cords, Velcro, leathers, synthetics, foam, vinyl, ballistic nylon, cordura, nylons, canvas, and other industrial materials.

Federal Government

Zaga Custom is fully certified to work with the federal government. You can be assured that we will provide a quality product with delivery in a timely manner.

Distributed Goods

Zaga ™ is a division of Zaga Custom that offers top quality tactical nylon gear for law enforcement, military, and security personnel. In Addition we offer an accessory line such as belts, wallets, backpacks, bags, cases, and luggage’s, for the everyday consumer.

Everything is proudly manufactured in the U.S.A.